cell phone paymentAs all entrepreneurs know, the success of your business depends upon your customers’ ability to purchase product, and how much of that purchase stays with you. One of the quickest, most lucrative ways for your wireless store to see a healthy profit is to offer real-time refills, using a mobile payment processing system like Paymaster Worldwide. Why?

Paymaster Worldwide offers a commission structure that will make you see real-time refills in a whole new way. When you earn a hefty percentage on every single refill using any mobile carrier, you’ll agree that positioning your store as one that caters to real-time refills, will make your business blossom with additional new revenue.

So, as you explore your options, take note that Paymaster Worldwide offers the highest commission rates in the industry! For example, a mega 17.5% commission on AT&T refills and 7.25% on T-Mobile will take your profits on real-time refills to an entirely new level. Take a look at this table of the most popular refills, and compare these rates with other payment processing systems:

paymasters real time refills top rates

Establish your real-time refill reputation

You can make your store the go-to location for real-time refills with a little imagination and a lot of advertising.

➤ Splash colorful advertising on your store’s windows with posters and decals, and distribute artfully designed flyers. Position your store as a special place where customers get their phones refilled quickly and easily with brilliant customer service and cool giveaways.
➤ Note in your print and online advertising that yours is the primary, central real-time refill location in your area. Everyone who’s hip and knowledgeable goes to your location for this service.
➤Offer free token gifts for refill customers. Surprise them with something useful, like a phone case or ear buds. And, don’t forget something safe and fun for the kids. Parents love this.
➤Buy short radio spots to encourage customers to stop by your store for their refills. Radio advertising is still a great outlet.
➤ Make your refill advertising ongoing. Include it with other promotions, sales events and celebrations you may be planning.
➤Advertise a no-waiting policy for refills, and designate one or two sales people to immediately serve those customers. And, make sure there’s no waiting!

Generate more sales and develop customer retention

Your customers may come in just for a refill, but they will often stop to purchase other items over and above what they intended — especially if your store offers a welcoming ambience of cool comfort. You can easily increase your store’s daily margins by a few hundred dollars a day when you offer refills through Paymaster Worldwide, so make sure your customers are aware of the amazing customer service you offer on real-time refills, regardless of why they’ve come in. They will return to your store again and again.

Paymaster Worldwide

In addition to a fabulous real-time refill commission structure, Paymaster Worldwide offers cutting-edge payment processing for mobile service and thousands of other bill payments.
Increase your sales and profits without delay using Paymaster’s extensive suite of prepaid services. Paymaster works with many leading consumer brands to help you maximize every customer. And, there is no risk involved.

Become an agent today and find out why Paymaster Worldwide is leading the way for mobile dealers with easy, profitable and risk-free payment solutions.


Author: Caroline Bloomfield

Content strategy: Sergey Izbash