Increase Foot Traffic to Retail Location or Wireless StoreThere are many ways to drive traffic in your retail location or wireless store. To drive sales and increase foot traffic, there are a number of services you can offer to customers. For example, you can offer real time refills of virtually any wireless carrier, bill pay services, lease-to-own (financing) smart phone services, and a variety of other great options! You don’t even need to be a wireless dealer in order to attract new customers with these offers!


Offer Real Time Refills for Any Wireless Carriers

Real Time Refill ServicesOffering real time refills for any wireless carrier is an excellent way to get attention and traffic flowing through your retail location. Extended services and “extras” are the best ways to get people interested in what you have to offer.

This service is incredibly beneficial to store profits over time. Customers will refill often, which will create more foot traffic, as well as long-term sales commissioned in your store. Using Real Time Refills is the easiest way to add revenue to your bottom line with zero capital outlay. Most commissions are paid instantly! These are some of the easiest ways businesses can create more traffic and build a strong, reliable clientele. Those looking to create new revenue can earn commission each time a customer refills their mobile service. This is a seemingly easy way to boost profits with little output on the business owners’ part.

Offer Bill Payment Services

Bill Payment ServicesChecks are quickly becoming a thing of the past as technology evolves. Having bill payment services available at your retail location, or wireless store, can drive traffic as customers will frequent your store to make payments.

When you sign up for the full Bill Pay program, you gain access to more than 3,500 billers, including major nation-wide billers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Comcast, and Dish Network. The benefits of participating in service options such as this are significant, and can be seen almost right away.

Paymaster Worldwide is a leader in Bill Pay services. Paymaster’s Bill Pay program is available on all Paymaster point-of-sale applications, including stand-alone terminals, WebPOS and Integrated Cash Registers. This allows customers to have access to same day and next day payments, with little risk.

Offer Inexpensive and Convenient (PIN-less) International Calling Options to Your Customers

International PIN-less calling servicesThe United States is a multinational country, a melting pot of different areas of the world. People in the United States often have family and friends who live in other parts of the world, and spread out internationally. International calling is a necessity to these potential customers and offering them inexpensive or convenient PIN-less international calling options can increase sales and profit as well as establish new customers in your retail location or wireless store.


To show how convenient it is to for your customers to use PIN-less calling, let us introduce you to one of our most popular services – Lunex. Lunex is the pioneer in PIN-less calling plans which is progressively replacing traditional international calling cards as the preferred choice for international calls.

Lunex offers a few great products that bring huge commissions to businesses and make their customers lives much easier. One of them is ‘1-Clic max”. It allows anyone in the USA to call their international family members, or friends, just like they would call anyone from their local address book in the States. No more dialing 30 digits to make an international call!

Offer Financing to Your Customers

SmartPay Lease to Own Program Smartphone and Accessories FinancingLease-to-own options are an incredible way to increase traffic to your retail location or wireless store. For those consumers who may not have the entire amount up front, but still want to enjoy the ability to have a smart phone, this is one of the best options available, and will surely drive traffic to your store. Customers with an established bank account can apply their card to the account and opt for 6 or 12-month leasing terms.

Paymaster Worldwide is partnering with SmartPay to offer this service. Our dealers report an average increase of 20% in device and accessory sales their very first month!

When deciding what services you can offer to your customers, keep in mind that getting them in the store to pay bills, utilize refill services, and lease-to-own their new smart phones and accessories, is what will drive traffic and create more profitable opportunities for your retail location or wireless store.


Writers: Katie Donovan, Sergey Izbash

Editor: Sergey Izbash