Increase Sales with Smartphone FinancingLike most wireless dealers, you probably spend a considerable amount of time thinking about ways to increase sales. One service option you should consider is in-store phone financing. What if your customers could own their phones without a lot of money up front, and without the hassles encountered in other financing plans? Your transaction amounts would increase, and your foot traffic would multiply by volumes. In-store financing has proven to be a profitable route to increased sales volumes and customer satisfaction for prepaid T-Mobile dealers.

The SmartPay system offered by Paymaster was designed specifically for wireless dealers and their customers. In-store financing with SmartPay’s lease-to-own program offers significant advantages to dealers, as well as customers, from the moment you sign up. But, before you take the plunge, take a look at the reasons SmartPay is so popular with dealers and customers, alike.

Why Customers Love SmartPay

SmartPay Cell phone financing lease to own programEveryone wants a smartphone, but not everyone can afford one. Your customer may not have a pile of cash to spend on a new cell phone, but many folks earn enough monthly income to make cellular phone payments over a period of time. Qualifying for SmartPay financing is simple for almost everyone.

Your customers know that the financing terms for most mobile phone plans require a good credit record. A less-than-stellar credit score often prevents a customer from exploring a way to purchase the phone or plan that he or she would really like to have. People frequently pass over fun and cool accessories because they don’t feel they can afford them, and they know their credit history won’t support the average financing plan.

SmartPay makes it simple for your customer to qualify for a financing plan that’s easy to manage. By  submitting a quick application, most people can qualify for an individual plan suited to their personal budgets. Anyone with a verified bank account and debit card can opt for 6 or 12-month financing terms. A lease-to-own program makes much more sense to a customer whose finances are tight, and there is no fee or penalty for paying off the loan early.

Why Dealers Love SmartPay

increase sales for your wireless store with financingAs a dealer who offers the SmartPay option, you are likely to see quite a bit more foot traffic in your store. Your customer base can grow very quickly, especially in today’s economy.

▪ There are reports of a 20% increase of device and accessory sales in the very first month from pre-paid dealers who’ve implemented the system

▪ When a dealer signs up a customer for SmartPay financing, the store receives full payment of the entire amount of the account within three to five days

▪ The comfort of a manageable sales/lease plan creates strong customer loyalty

When you make purchasing more accessible to your customers through the use of SmartPay, your store becomes a friendlier, more approachable environment for prospective clients who may never have been able to afford a new cell phone. Seeing your ads for the trouble-free SmartPay financing will encourage them to come in, knowing there’s a payment plan that will work within their budget. It’s a way to take the worry out of a purchasing decision that might not have otherwise been possible, and it provides instant gratification for those whose finances don’t allow for an immediate big purchase.

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Author: Caroline Bloomfield

Content strategy: Sergey Izbash