Paymaster Worldwide is a leading wholesale and retail prepaid service provider servicing thousands of locations across the United States. Our goal is to connect people with their loved ones in a fast, affordable and easily accessible manner. 

Founded in 2013 as a subsidiary of Ameritel—one of the most respected and largest Prepaid Master Distributors for T-Mobile. Paymaster encompasses the #AlwaysBetter corporate mission to strive for best in class service.  Our operation and distribution is managed by industry veterans with decades of field and executive experience. We are a People First brand with a relentless drive to please our customer and partners.

Whether you are a retail store looking to leverage the profit potential that prepaid brings, or a prepaid service provider looking to connect via API with a dependable quality driven wholesale mobile recharge partner, our team at Paymaster can’t wait to work with you. Connect with us today, and find out why dealers choose Paymaster as their leading company for both domestic and international mobile recharge.